2006 Oshawa Tournament Results

            Red Division                                      
Oshawa AAA def. Scarborough 4-3          
Kingston def. Erindale 13-3           
Oshawa AAA def Kingston 3-2               
Scarborough def. Erindale 6-1       
Scarborough tie Kingston 8-8       
Oshawa AAA def. Erindale 4-2               

Oshawa AAA (3-0) wins Red Division       

            Gold Division    
Clarington def. Peterborough 8-3
North York def. Birchmount 9-1
Clarington def. Birchmount 4-2
Peterborough def. North York 3-1
North York def. Clarington 16-0
Peterborough def. Birchmount 15-5

North York (2-1) wins Gold Division

        Blue Division
Ajax AAA def. Leaside 12-2
Miss SW AAA def. Brockville 11-5
Brockville def. Ajax AAA 3-0
Miss SW AAA def. Leaside 5-0
Brockville def. Leaside 5-3
Miss SW AAA def. Ajax AAA 11-0

Miss SW AAA (3-0) wins Blue Division
Brockville (2-1) wins Wild Card

Brockville def. Oshawa AAA 3-0
North York def. Miss SW AAA 8-7

North York def. Brockville 8-4

* Miss SW AAA went on to win the Eliminations and won a Gold Medal at the National Championships
** Brockville went on to win the Midget AA OBA provincial tournament

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