2009 Ajax Tournament Results

        Division '1'
Ajax AAA

Division '2'
North York

Cross:  Pickering def. Markham 9-4
Cross:  Ajax AAA def. Oshawa 8-1
Cross:  North York def. Quinte 6-4  Game MVP (NY):  Andrew Tsiakos
Cross:  Ajax AAA def. North York 9-5  Game MVP (NY):  Jerrome Talosig
Cross:  Pickering def. Quinte 8-2
Cross:  Oshawa def. Markham 7-6
Cross:  Ajax AAA def. Pickering 10-6
Cross:  Quinte def. Oshawa 9-3
Cross:  North York def. Markham 6-1  Game MVP (NY): Brendan Lynch

Ajax AAA (3-0) 1st Place Division '1'
Quinte (1-2) 2nd Place Division '1' 

North York (2-1 with 14 runs against) 1st Place Division '2'
Pickering (2-1 with 16 runs against) 2nd Place Division '2' 

Ajax AAA def. Quinte 11-3
Pickering def. North York 6-3  Game MVP (NY):  Andrew Marges

Ajax AAA def. Pickering 7-0


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