2010 New Era Cap Classic Results


            Round Robin Results                                  
Team New Era def. Team Adpro Sports 9-4
Etobicoke Rangers 17s def, Delaware Sabres 12-2
College Select def. CNY Thunder Chiefs 12-1
WNY Katz def. West Toronto 16u 16-0
Connecticut Titans def. OIBA Prospects Diablos 3-0
Toronto Mets 16u def. Amherst Bushdogs 7-0
Terriers Baseball def. Vaughan Vikings 5-1
Ontario Prospects def. Lou Gehrig Outlaws 9-8
Ontario Prospects 16u def. Revolution 10-9
South Cheektowaga Thunder def. River City Hawks 4-3
Brampton Royals def. Buffalo Junior Bison 8-1
Team Adpro Sports def. 4 Love of the Game 5-4
NY Capital District Knights def. Delaware Sabres 7-5
Cuyahoga Riverdogs def. CNY Thunder Chiefs 11-3
Coxsackie Bats def. West Toronto 16u 8-0
South Cheektowaga Thunder def. OIBA Prospects Diablos 11-7
CNY Thunder Americans def. Toronto Mets 16u 9-6
Team New Era def. Terriers Baseball 15-0
Lou Gehrig Outlaws def. Etobicoke Rangers 17s 8-3
North York Blues tie College Select 2-2
WNY Katz def. Revolution 7-5
Connecticut Titans def. York Pioneers 9-1
CNY Thunder Americans def. Buffalo Junior Bisons 15-5
4 Love of the Game def. Vaughan Vikings 4-1
Cuyahoga Riverdogs def. Ontario Prospects 9-6
NY Capital District Knights def. North York Blues 13-1
Coxsackie Bats def. Ontario Prospects 16u 8-3
River City Hawks def. York Pioneers 8-7
Amherst Bushdogs def. Brampton Royals 12-7
South Cheektowaga Thunder def. York Pioneers 10-8
CNY Thunder Americans def. Brampton Royals 13-5
NY Capital District Knights def. Lou Gehrig Outlaws 7-5
4 Love of the Game def. Terriers Baseball 7-6
Revolution def. Coxsackie Bats 9-0
Delaware Sabres def. Cuyhoga Riverdogs 7-5
Connecticut Titans def. River City Hawks 13-11
Amherst Bushdogs def. Buffalo Junior Bisons 12-1
Etobicoke Rangers 17s def. North York Blues 11-1
Team New Era def. Vaughan Vikings 10-2
WNY Katz def. Ontario Prospects 3-2
Ontario Prospects def. CNY Thunder Chiefs 7-1
OIBA Prospects Diablos def. York Pioneers 9-4
Toronto Mets 16u def. Brampton Royals 9-0
Delaware Sabres def. Lou Gehrig Outlaws 10-5
Cuyhoga Riverdogs def. College Select 9-3
Terriers Baseball def. Team Adpro Sports 5-3
Revolution def. West Toronto 16u 14-1
Connecticut Titans def. South Cheektowaga Thunder 7-0
Amherst Bushdogs def. CNY Thunder Americans 12-2
NY Capital District Knights def. Etobicoke Rangers 17s 11-3
North York Blues def. CNY Thunder Chiefs 10-6
Team New Era def. 4 Love of the Game 11-1
WNY Katz def. Coxsackie Bats 4-0
River City Hawks def. OIBA Prospects Diablos 6-5
Toronto Mets 16u def. Buffalo Junior Bisons 9-0
Ontario Prospects def. College Select 10-6
Team Adpro Sports def. Vaughan Vikings 9-5
Ontario Prospects 16u def. West Toronto 16u 6-0


#1 - WNY Katz
#2 - Team New Era
#3 - Connecticut Titans
#4 - NY Capital District Knights
#5 - Toronto Mets 16u
#6 - Amherst Bushdogs
#7 - Cuyahoga Riverdogs
#8 - Ontario Prospects
#9 - South Cheektowaga Thunder
#10 - CNY Thunder Americans
#11 - Coxsackie Bats
#12 - Revolution
#13 - Ontario Prospects 16u
#14 - Etobicoke Rangers 17s
#15 - 4 Love of the Game
#16 - Team Adpro Sports
#17 - Terriers Baseball
#18 - River City Hawks
#19 - Delaware Sabres
#20 - College Select
#21 - North York Blues
#22 - OIBA Prospects Diablos
#23 - Lou Gehrig Outlaws
#24 - Brampton Royals
#25 - Vaughan Vikings
#26 - York Pioneers
#27 - CNY Thunder Chiefs
#28 - Buffalo Junior Bisons
#29 - West Toronto 16u

        Consolation Round
Coxsackie Bats def. Revolution 15-11
South Cheektowaga Thunder tie CNY Thunder Americans 8-8
Etobicoke Rangers 17s def. Ontario Prospects 16u 10-1
CNY Thunder Americans def. West Toronto 16u 14-1
4 Love of the Game def. Team Adpro Sports 13-9
Terriers Baseball def. River City Hawks 15-3
CNY Thunder Chiefs def. Buffalo Junior Bisons 7-0
Vaughan Vikings vs. York Pioneers
North York Blues def. OIBA Prospects Diablos 8-2
College Select def. Delaware Sabres 7-0
Lou Gehrig Outlaws vs. Brampton Royals
        Single Elimination Round
WNY Katz def. Ontario Prospects 7-0
Team New Era def. Cuyahoga Riverdogs 10-2
Connecticut Titans def. Amherst Bushdogs 4-3
NY Capital District Knights def. Toronto Mets 16u 10-5

WNY Katz def. NY Capital District Knights 4-2
Team New Era def. Connecticut Titans 6-4

WNY Katz def. Team New Era 10-3

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