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All-Star Games and Tournaments


Between 2007 to 2009, the Toronto METS hosted a premier tournament in Toronto.   This elite tournament drew PBLO teams as well as 19u Youth teams from other provinces.  In those three seasons, the METS invited the TBA to enter a 'TBA Allstars' team.

In 2007, the NY Midgets were traveling in Michigan and NY players did not participate with the TBA Allstars team.

2009 - Justin Firth, Robin Fox-Pappas, AJ Marges, Chris Lee, Dean Macandog, Jerrome Talosig, Justin Newbold, Andrew Tsiakos

2008 - Brandon Barber, James McNeill, Jamie Dunn, Dean Macandog, Jake Mooney, Jerrome Talosig, Anthony Szczachor, Mitch Sutton

2007 - DNP

                                         CANNON CUP

The Cannon Cup is a post-season September tournament held annually in Oakville.  The TBA used to send an affiliate all-star team to represent the full TBA Midget league - but this practice ended in 2007.  Some affiliates (COBA, ICBA, HDBA) still send affiliate all-star teams to the tournament.

From 2004-2007, a selection of NY Midgets played with the representative TBA team.  From 2008-2010, the NY Midgets entered the tournament as 'North York'.

2010 - Entered as 'North York'

2009 - Entered as 'North York'

2008 - Entered as 'North York'

2007 - Entered as 'TBA' - Jake Mooney, Brandon Barber, Robert Ghandour, Jamie Dunn, Mike Forbes


2006 - Entered as 'TBA 1' - Jesse Scott, Randy Back, Sean Usher, Eric Treble, Wesley Tysdale, Garrett Davies


2005 - Entered as 'TBA' - Mike Blachford, Garrett Davies (not pictured), Chris Gott (not pictured)


2004 - Entered as 'TBA' - Steve Hersch, Daniel Edelstein, Mike Blachford


                             TBA MIDGET ALL-STAR GAME

A TBA Midget all-star game was held in 2004, 2005, and 2006.  The 2004 game was held on July 14th - but the NY Midgets had been scheduled a double-header on that date and did not participate in the all-star game.  In 2005, the game was held on August 22nd and the league was split between the East teams (Birchmount, Wexford, East York, and West Hill) and the West teams (North York, York, High Park, and Etobicoke.  In 2006, the two playoffs finalists (North York and Toronto Playgrounds) merged teams and played against the rest of the league on August 31st.

2006 - Garrett Davies, Eric Treble, Sean Usher, Wesley Tysdale, Randy Back, Jake Mooney, Nick Lynch

2005 - Garrett Davies, Ricky Chung, Chris Gott, Simon Davis

2004 - DNP


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